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Protecting Your Claim And Your Interests After A Car Accident

We offer legal help for victims of car crashes and motor vehicle crashes in New Hampshire and Vermont. We have obtained substantial settlements for our clients who have been in car accidents.

Most people don’t realize the complexities of coverage available to them in these situations in the form of liability, medical payments, property damage, uninsured/underinsured motorist benefits and PIP coverage. The most difficult task is properly evaluating and prosecuting your claim. Don’t try this on your own!

Get The Full Compensation You Deserve

On average, our clients put at least twice as much in their pockets as they were originally offered by the insurance company, even after attorney fees. The less the insurance company pays you, the more they keep. They know that you are at a disadvantage without an attorney, so why would you risk getting anything less than the fair value for your claim?

Most people think they have to settle their car accident claim quickly. In most cases, you have up to three years to bring your lawsuit. Let us properly develop your claim to ensure that you get the best results possible!

That doesn’t mean that we wait to get things started. Quick action is required to complete a full investigation and put the insurance carrier on notice of your claim. Physical evidence disappears rapidly, and the sooner you call us, the faster we can get out there to document your accident scene with photographs and gather any physical evidence available.

These can make all the difference in your case, so don’t hesitate! You only get one bite at the apple, so make it count – give us a call.

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