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Focusing On Your Family’s Financial Future After Your Child’s Accident

We pursue fair compensation and offer legal representation to parents and their injured children. With children’s injuries, great care should be taken not to settle claims too early.

Steps To Take To Protect Your Interests

While children are indeed resilient, there may be lifelong effects from certain types of injuries. Any scarring should be documented through detailed photographs because it will only fade with time. Estimates of potential future medical costs need to be obtained from qualified experts. Finally, children’s injuries and settlements often need to get special court approval, and this can be a difficult and time-consuming process in itself.

Thorough knowledge of and access to structured settlement specialists is a huge advantage because most insurance companies strongly prefer to defer payments to minors until they reach adulthood. Deferring payments to children until they become adults results in a huge financial advantage, tax-free!

Parents owe it to themselves and their children to have their children’s injuries handled by an experienced personal injury attorney.

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