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Serious Motorcycle Injuries Require Serious Representation

At Newborn Law, PLLC, we handle personal injury claims and litigation for motorcycle accident victims. Motorists just don’t see motorcycles! We don’t know why that is, but it causes thousands of motorcycle accidents each year.

Motorcyclists Face Overwhelming Challenges After Their Accidents

The problem is, when you go down off a bike, the injuries are usually more severe than they would have been otherwise because of the simple lack of protection. Severe ankle, leg and arm fractures are common along with burns and scarring. Hand injuries are all too common and very disabling.

Some of our own staff members are avid motorcycle riders who are strongly sympathetic to any motorcycle accident victim. A firm such as ours makes for the best advocate when it comes to dealing with the type of insurance company that might think you were at fault or assumed a risk simply because you were on a motorcycle!

Most bikers are underinsured themselves. Many riders often don’t carry nearly enough insurance to protect themselves in the event that the defendant doesn’t have insurance or has too little insurance. Don’t let this happen to you. Check your policy to make sure you have at least $100,000 of uninsured motorist coverage on your motorcycle. We may be able to help by maximizing the recovery from all other available resources.

You Deserve Attentive Advocacy After Your Crash

Get a proven legal ally in your corner after a motorcycle wreck. Whether your crash occurred in New Hampshire or Vermont, our attorney is ready to help you fight for full compensation for your injuries. Get started with a free initial consultation. You can make your appointment when you call 603-696-6748 or email the Keene office.