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Injured By A Defective Product? You Deserve Justice.

At Newborn Law, PLLC, we offer legal representation for those in Vermont or New Hampshire who are seeking compensation for injuries stemming from defective products, negligence in design, product testing, manufacturing defects, or inadequate warnings and instructions. Millions of Americans are injured by machines, products, prescription drugs and appliances every year.

Understanding Product Liability Claims

The test is whether the product was defective and unreasonably dangerous for use in its ordinary manner. This sounds easier than it is. Expert engineers are almost always required in order to prove “effectiveness,” and the defendant(s) will have their experts lined up long before you do! The cost of these cases can be very substantial.

You’re dealing with big corporations with lots of money and potentially big verdicts at stake. They fight each case as if their very survival depends on it, so you need to be prepared to fight back. The days of obtaining a quick settlement for something that breaks or blows up causing injury are over. That’s why you need help. Let us review your case at no charge to see if further investigation is warranted. Call for a no-cost evaluation and consultation. You have nothing to lose!

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