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Awesome Personal Injury Attorney!!!

Matt represented us after a motorcycle accident with an uninsured motorist.
When we called his office Matt got right on the phone and made an appointment to meet with us.
He is very personable, knowledgeable and took control of our case immediately.
As we were recovering, Matt kept us informed so we never had a worry from beginning to end.
Also, his assistant is efficient and very nice.
By far, Matt is an excellent attorney and a wonderful person that I highly recommend!
-Mark March 9 2023

Awesome Experience In A Stressful Time

Matt Newborn represented me in an auto accident claim. He was very informative and put me at ease right away. He kept me well-informed during this long process and was able to explain everything in easy-to-understand terms. His office staff was also very nice and attentive.
-Cassie April 2015

Workman Comp Injury

What can I say about Matt Newborn? An amazing lawyer who had so MUCH patience with me. I’m a deaf woman who had suffered an injury at work. Matt helped me so MUCH trying to explain what would happen to me down the road, the laws of workman comp and all that jazz. He REALLY took his time to make sure I understand because I can read English very well, but the lawyer terms make it harder. But he made time to type long emails for me to understand. He is ONE number lawyer, and I would recommend you all to contact him if you need one of the best. Matthew Newborn is one of the BEST workman comp lawyer. Thank you SOOOOOOO much for everything. Not just a lawyer, he supported me through this rough journey of mine. Thank you again. 🙂
-Jill October 2015

The Best Around

Matt Newborn handled my automobile accident case three years ago. Matt went out of his way every way he could to make sure I was treated fairly and taken care of to the best of his ability. I was very lucky to have a lawyer like him on my side. Matt will be my first recommendation to anyone in need of an injury lawyer.
-Kaitlin December 2014

Slipped And Fell, And Broke Wrist

I had slipped and fell on the ice of my apartment driveway and broke my wrist. Matt Newborn was very knowledgeable and explained the steps I needed to take with great clarity. Matt was quick with the actions he took. He responded quickly anytime I called for questions and kept me informed every step of the way through the whole process. I was pleased with how quick I got my settlement. Thank you so much Matt Newborn

Thank You!

I have to say in my case Matthew was right on top of things. He kept me informed. We spoke at least once to twice a week. If he was not able to talk to me, my call was returned by the end of the night of that day. He came to me when I was unable to go to him. I would highly recommend!

An Attorney Who Really Cares About You As A Friend!

Matthew is a great attorney. He really took good care of my case. He suggested the best doctors and physical therapist to help me recover from my car accident injuries. He is always there for you. He returns emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. He is really a VERY GOOD attorney.

Excellent Job On My Accident/Injury Case

Matt Newborn represented me in an auto accident where the other party was at fault, taking over my case at the last minute from an attorney who had been unsatisfactory in many ways. Matt picked up the ball quickly, acquired all of the needed medical and other information, and assisted me with filling out necessary forms. He estimated the amount of the offer from the other party quite accurately, negotiated it up a bit, and kept me informed regularly on the status of the case and expected timetable. His personality was pleasant and cordial, and his administrative staff made sure that I had all the relevant documents promptly. Matt called me regularly and responded within 24 hours every time I had reason to call him. He completely met my expectations in all areas. I would recommend him to anyone with a case in one of his areas of expertise. In my work, I deal regularly with many attorneys, and I have not worked with any better.

A Lawyer Dignified And Trustworthy

Matt was a blend of warm cordiality and strong legal expertise. Communication was excellent; concise, clear and up-to-date e-mails and phone conversations. Matt was exceptionally knowledgeable on compensation law and was able to explain in detail how it applied in my case. He was fully present and focused when engaging me to discuss my case. I always felt respected, and Matt was putting my best interests first. I believe I received a fair and just settlement based on my injury and the circumstances surrounding it. His support team (legal secretary) was also very professional and kind. My final comment is that I consider Matt Newborn a friend. I highly recommend his service as a lawyer.
-Charles & Monette



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